Welcome to The S.E.A. Practice...

Thank you so incredibly much for joining us on this journey and for your trust in this process. Here is what you can expect in each module:

Every module, we will explore a different emotion and its various shades.

Module 1: Welcome. An introduction to the nervous system and the mind-body connection.

Module 2: Fear. The kidney/bladder connection. The role fear plays in the human experience.

Module 3: Sadness. The lung/large intestine connection. The role sadness plays in our experience.

Module 4: Anger. The liver/gallbladder connection. The role of anger in the body.

Module 5: Worry. The stomach/spleen connection. The role of worry and how it differs from fear.

Module 6: Joy. The heart/small intestine connection. The role of joy and optimism in life.

If at anytime you need to reach me, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]

A little welcome video for you:

And a little more context to my interest in Somatic Emotional Awareness:

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